How To Set UP Office 365 Business Using The Simple Method?

This article is for business & non-profits that have Office 365 Business Premium Plan or thinking to opt for this plan. Once you have got the plan to purchase office 365 small business premium and verification is done then you can also add users & connect to domain.

Learn to complete the sign up process with easy steps. You will see how fast you get into the plan.

Follow these keys to start up Sign up process:

* To sign up for an Office 365 business plan, visit Office product site and select Buy Now.
* Select the plan you wish to sign up for like Office 365 Business Premium.
* Then follow the steps mentioned here to sign up for an Office 365 business plan and then you have to add users. Lastly, connect your domain.

  •  Visit the Office products site and click Buy now.
  • Select the plan (Office 365 Business Premium).
  • Type the number of users you have under Your order summary, including yourself, select a monthly or annual business plan. Hit the Next button.
  •  Select your business information under Tell us about yourself like email, phone number, and country.
  •  Hit the Next button now.
  •  Provide the address where you will use Office 365 and then click Next.
  •  Select the verification method from Text me or Call me, and then click Send Verification code and then hit the Next button.
  •  Once you have entered the code, hit the Verify button.
  •  Select the type of domain name you will use under Create your business identity and then enter the domain name & hit Next button
  •  Log in to your domain account & choose to give access to Office 365.
  • Type a username & password after successful verification.
  • Click Next button.
  •  Give your payment details under Payment & billing and then click Place order.

Need further help? Connect with our certified techies that are available for you. They will listen to even your minute queries with complete attention. You can Buy office 365 small business premium from us at the reasonable price. You need to worry about the setup process as it will be explained to you thoroughly. Get instant help from our specialists.

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